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    Two Worlds Meet

Light the fuse, fuze 2018

‘fuze’ means ‘to cause’ or a ‘catalyst’. Blockchain technology will not only influence industries but also in all areas such as politics, economy, arts and culture. The meeting of old and new, new and a different kind of new will cause a flame we have never seen before.

The youth, historic companies, governments, investors and those who seek new value are all looking at this flame from all across the world.

fuze 2018 will be the place for them. fuze 2018 will be the ‘fuse’ for the newly born blockchain industry. All the technologies that we believed to be different, the different generations and the worlds will meet to open the door to a new era.

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Main Conferences

Industry leaders from across the world will gather to discuss the main theme of fuze 2018: “Two Worlds Meet: Impact of Blockchain to the Non-Blockchain World” The list of speakers and the agenda are being updated live. The time and topic of the presentations are subject to change according to the speakers’ schedule.
Click on each session to view the session schedule.

10.30 (TUE)

Light the New Paradigm

Challenge after challenge, destructive innovation is silently taking place all around us. Innovators fight for a fair society and an equal economy. The first penguins are opening new doors in politics, industries and in academia.


Domains Empowered by Blockchain

Imagination is potential. Innovators are completely reshaping the world with blockchain technology. Our future begins with our present ideas.


Dynamics of the Next Industrial Revolution

The online world is expecting a revolution once again. The ground revolts and a new continent rises above the horizon. We are personlized and hyperconnected at the same time. Meet the future now.


Formation of the New Governance

History can also be described as shifts of power. Can blockchain technology return centralized power to individuals? The new era will be an era of governance innovation.

10.31 (WED)

Blockchain, The Ugly Duckling

Blockchain faces criticism as much as it receives praise. Nevertheless, we must move forward. But where are we headed? We listen to those at the frontier of innovation.


Imagining the Possibilities with 5G

A hyperconnected society is approaching. A world where vast amount of data can be shared across a dense network and 5G will be the key to opening the this new world.


Blockchain Inside

Innovative technology creates cracks in stereotypes. In that gap, the philosophical anguish and the desire for a new economic structure grows. A paradigm not familiar with any stereotype may take hold.


Investment into the Future

Investing is a seed, manure and sunlight all in itself. It makes dry trees grow fruits, which then leaves seeds behind. What kind of future are we planting on the blockchain soil?

Special Programs

Welcome Party

Venue Dynasty Hall, The Shilla Seoul Hotel
Time October 29 13:00 - 15:00
A networking party for all speakers and VIPs gathered for the fuze 2018 event. The ABF Expo Hackathon Awards ceremony will also take place. *S-Participant, Partner only

Israel Day

Venue Dynasty Hall, The Shilla Seoul Hotel
Time October 29 15:00 - 17:00
Startup nation Israel is leading the world in technology and trends. The Former Prime Minister of Israel Ehud Olmert and founders of major technology companies gather to discuss the new era with an opinion leader from Korea. *S-Participant, Partner only

Speaker's Lounge

Venue 3F, The Shilla Seoul Hotel
Time October 30-31
Opportunity to share insights directly with leaders from across the world do not come easily. Discuss further in a private room after each session. Provided exclusively to our Partners. *Partner only

Round Table

Venue 23F, The Shilla Seoul Hotel
Time October 30-31
Nothing is as important as a simple ‘question’ in reducing trial and error and putting your business on the road to success. Blockchain industry experts will answer questions from the adventurers. Hear insights from areas including technology, business model and legal.

& Meetup

Venue The Shilla Seoul Hotel
Time October 30-31 09:00 - 18:00
Continuous exchange of information creates value in itself. New opportunities are discovered, and breakthrough ideas arise. Get your hands in flashy new products and services. Events, and unique ideas and stories of each projects will maximize your experience and enjoyment at fuze 2018.

After Party
for all

Venue Dynasty Hall, The Shilla Seoul Hotel
Time October 31 19:00 - 21:00
After Party for the glamorous closing of ABF in Seoul. Spend time with opinion leaders from around the world who came to visit Seoul for the ABF and fuze 2018 conference.
fuze 2018
Ticket Benefit
Conference Round Table (max 2) Exhibition & Meet-up After Party

Participant Benefits VIP Welcome Party Israel Day
Special Participant Benefits Speakers Lounge
Unit Events

Don’t miss out on amazing events held during the fuze 2018 conference. The following events are open for all even without purchasing a fuze 2018 ticket.

Chain Partners Media Conference

Venue Dynasty Hall, The Shilla Seoul Hotel
Time 10.29 (Mon) 11:00 ~ 13:00
Chain Partners’ first ever media conference. The blockchain company builder reveals the accomplishments of the past year.

ABF Festa: All to Blockchain

Venue 3F, The Shilla Seoul Hotel
Time 10.30(Tue) - 31(Wed) 14:00 ~ 17:30
Global Projects from Korea, Japan and China gather to discuss the blockchain technology and prospects of each country. From exchanges to projects, we have various exhibitions and meetups and even time for IR.

Seminar for Companies
Regarding 2019 ICO

Venue 3F, The Shilla Seoul Hotel
Time 10.30(Tue) 15:00~18:00
Chain Partners’ premium token development advisor Tokenomia delivers key outlines for a successful reverse ICO.

The 4th Decenter Colloquium
Success and Failures of Blockchain Projects

Venue 3F, The Shilla Seoul Hotel
Time 10.30 (Tue) 18:00 ~ 20:00
Joined by the blockchain media Decenter and law firms, we discuss in depth about the various legal and regulatory issues that arise in a blockchain project.

EOS DApp Festa in Seoul

Venue The Shilla Seoul Hotel, Dynasty Hall
Time 10.30(Tue) 19:30~22:00
An EOS DApp festival where investors can become a part of the true EOS community! Co-hosted by the biggest EOS community in Korea, KOREOS, and Korea’s first Block Producer EOSYS.

Chain Partners Project Showcase

Venue 3F, The Shilla Seoul Hotel
Time 10.31(Wed) 15:00~18:30
See the present and the future of blockchain with an ambitious showcase of new products by Chain Partners.

Blockchain & Law Seminar
How Far Can Blockchain Law Research Go?

Venue 3F, The Shilla Seoul Hotel
Time 10.31(Wed) 18:00~21:00
Law enactment is the very basis for the right development of all industries. See the results of the study prepared by the Blockchain Law Society.

Chain Partners Crypto Finance Forum 2018

Venue 3F, The Shilla Seoul Hotel
Time 10.31(Wed) 19:30~22:00
A private finance forum prepared by the Chain Partners Research Center! Meet the present and the future of the crypto finance from the potential of digital assets to the growing OTC market.
  • Won-soon Park Mayor of Seoul
  • Jongwhan Lee Vice Chairman of Seoul Economic Daily
  • Mitsuru Tezuka CEO of CTIA
  • Yoshitaka Tanaka CEO of VCG
  • Ehud Olmert Former Prime Minister of Israel
  • Thomas Cox Interim Executive Director
    of the EOS Alliance,
    and CGO at StrongBlock
  • Shivaji Das Partner-in-charge, Frost & Sullivan, Asia Pacific
  • Paul S. Kim CEO of YES24
  • David Moss CEO of StrongBlock
  • Hosoon Shin Deputy Governor at The Bank of Korea
  • Jungyeop Lee The Presiding Judge
    of Daejeon District Court
  • John Milburn EOS Technology Leader
  • Hirokazu Ishizuka Corporate Vice President at Sony Mobile Communications
  • Richard Jung Partner at Block.one VC
  • Ho In Professor at Korea University's Blockchain Research Institute
  • Hyunki Jang Head of Digital Strategy Division at Shinhan Bank
  • Yooshin Jung Fintech Center Korea
  • Yezun Choi CEO of BOScoin
  • Wonhee Cho Partner Attorney at D’Light Law
  • Jaewook Jung Partner Attorney at Joowon Law
  • Dan Kwon Attorney at Hanbyul Law
  • Dukwoo Suh Foreign Attorney at Dongin Law
  • Suho Kim Partner at McKinsey & Company Korea
  • Hyungjin Cho Partner at AT Kearney Korea
  • Jiannan Zhang Founder of DoraHacks
  • Herbie Zhefei Fu Founding Partner at T3 Labs
  • Yuki Terai Head of Japan IronX Exchange
  • Sung-Chul Shin President of KAIST
  • Sooyoung Park Professor at Sogang University
  • Wonki Min The 2nd Vice-Minister of
    Ministry of Science and ICT
  • Jaehyang Kim CEO of PayExpress
  • Yeong-il Seo VP/Head of KT Blockchain Center
  • Bryan Chang Principal at Collaborative Fund

The ABF in Seoul is in collaboration with the blockchain based remittance service, ‘SPLIT’ in order to bring indie musicians and blockchain together. We hope the performances bring joy to your fuze 2018 experience.

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